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OmniX & Odin Show OmniX & Odin Show

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ok what was that all about

When you said you were going to make a fan section out of me I didn't expect the graphic to be that great, how does it make me look like ^_^

Oh well you always liked to make a fool out of me hehe

Fred from Metool Production

To Be Human To Be Human

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey I loved it....but it's worth a 6 none the less

Hehe was fun to see it, one thing though, the ending seem to feel like a sequel....for some reason ¬¬

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Magosis responds:

well there will be a sequel i think

3Guys/2: Extended Fight 1 3Guys/2: Extended Fight 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars I found it good don't worry :P

1) You should have took the big cyber-crab since it made me think of all the random encounters with final fantasy that made ennemies appear and look different then on the map :P
2)Well if you have no idea, tell me but is the half faced-cyber cow-boy a idea from Ace Ventura?

Well I liked the ghost speed effect most of all so it was a ok movie

MUDMAN responds:

For the cowboy, we got that out of the random function in our brains when we were brainstorming for the school project :P I don't know if the idea came out of me, but if it did I never saw that ace Ventura movie long enough to see a cyborg cowboy :P
For his looks, well, that would have been a cool funny idea but when I drew that crab thing I was just trying to draw the cowboy with less human parts and a bit shorter :P but because of time restraints I really rushed it. If I ever do part two it'll be set on 'One winged angel' So he'll look more grandiose than a hunchback robot crab :P Wow finally someone who went to see the other movie!!! Whee!!!
As for the afterimage effect, thanks! for the running I copied the original symbol 3 times, had them start at diferent frames, and made one big symbol with the 3 of them so I could tween them to the center of the screen more easily.
For the scene with a backflip where we can see a slightly faded afterimage, I made all the action into one symbol, made another layer and copied the symbol on the other layer one frame late, alpha 50%.
Well that's about it. thanks!

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Clock Crew Pacman® Clock Crew Pacman®

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good, some people just like to rate 0

I personally think this game just like the real thing and is fast to load.
2 thing though...
1:When you take the big cereal they should change the clock crew color, its hard to know when they become bad again
2: You putted too many lives...
Well over all this is pacman for what I know